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08 February 2006 @ 05:25 pm
This is the Master list of Products not to buy:

Here be the listCollapse )
08 February 2006 @ 05:24 pm
There's only a few of them, but they're important:


1. Please post the name of the product, the company it is made by, and the reason not to buy it. If you have a link to an example of the ad, that would be really appreciated too.

Sample format:

Cheesy Bacon Sandwich : Burger King
I won't buy it because the ad is so disturbing and irritating.

2. No flaming. Discussion is fine. "I would still buy that product because..." is fine. "You're a stupid moron. Clowns aren't scary." isn't. It's fine if you don't think Clowns are scary or a legitimate reason not to buy a product, but respect other people's hate. XD

3. Have fun.
This is a parody community. It's meant for your entertainment.
08 February 2006 @ 05:20 pm
Have you ever seen an ad that just made your brain break?
An advertisment that scared the holy crap out of you and made you want to turn your tv off?

Have you ever been so traumatized by an ad that you think of it every time you pass the store that it was advertising?

Then this is the place for you.

Based off of a strip in the comic "Get Fuzzy," Rob's List of Products (not to buy because the advertisments are so bad), is the brainchild of tsukitaichou and guardianmars.
It was made for us to make fun of tv, people, and ourselves.

But it's so much more fun in public. XD

Read the rules.

Above all: Have fun.

This isn't meant to be taken seriously, so don't. ^^;
08 February 2006 @ 05:16 pm
This is a master list of our current affiliates.

Please leave a comment with the name of your community and how it relates to this one, if you would like to be considered for affiliation.

_sicksadworld - A community about sick, sad, and otherwise pathetic things going on in the world right now. Based off the show "Sick Sad World" featured on Daria.